New And Noteworthy - Arri Amira


So the lovely germans at arri have revealed a new camera. Instead of they're usual focus on cinema they have expanded to include documentery and events. A solo opertated Arri Alexa with 2k recording at 200fps whats not to like. The camera sounds great the sensor is the same one in the Alexa, no doubt tweaked for a native 2k picture. 

People are complaining that the camera doesn't feature 4k picture. Now i think that is pointless, most productions aren't going to exibit in 4k and if the Amira had 4k, it would be an Alexa. It's coming in a varity of active mounts incuding Canon EF, supporting the solo operation, but suppicially missing is the positive lock mount (PL). 

I think Arri is trying to seperate this from they're Cinema lines which include the vareity of film cameras as well as the Alexa and the Alexa HD. 

My opinion, its going to be a great camera, that Alexa sensor is bloody fantastic. Having said that it's entering a market that is quite saturated with fantastic cameras. It's all going to come down to price. The Arri HD came out at $50,000, and at $65,00 for a usable kit and as a result it was unpopular. You can source a traditional Alexa for around $80,000. With that price differencial people didn't see the point in getting the comparitavly limited Alexa HD. If the Amira can come out at a price below the $25,000 Canon C500 it will be obserdly succesfull. The Canon C line have been tried and tested in the event, cinema and of course documentries.

The C500 is a 4k camera, yes it doesn't have 200fps, but who needs that for documentries. I've heard that 200fps would be brilliant for nature documenteries. I don't see this being neccisary at all.

This camera will find a place in the market, and will frankly be a better camera than most on the market. The only thing that will halt this cameras success will be the price. It is however and Arri which of course means it has an audience already that will buy them in spades regardless of quality. For me, give me an F55 any day, I feel it would do everything this camera will do and for what i think will be a comparable price. 


Ethics Statement, no camera manufacturor is paying me for any of my opinions; however if any of them would like to contact me, please do, I have worked with the Arri Alexa as an assist and have graded and edited the footage. My opinions are based on my own experiance and the ethos that the right gear for the job is not always the latest greatest gear avalible.