Sticks On the Cheap.

For a long time the hallmark piece of gear for any budding videographer, d.o.p, etc has been his camera. Often underestimated from an outside perpective is the tripod and head he or she uses. 

Arguably far more important than the camera itself, a good tripod will outlast any camera and greatly improve the quality of ones work. But why am I telling you this, if you are still reading, you already know this, you want to see a good set on the cheap.

So I personally use the Nest Systematic Tripod series, as it serves as a stills and a video tripod quite nicely and it super portible. For a reasonable price to boot. I found the fluid head quite nice with smooth pan, but tilt was a little rough with a heavier lens. Build quality is top knotch, straight from the factory all the part are metal and have very positive locks and clamps. The quick release is nice and solid and is compadible with the 270a head from Fancier. Which brings me to my next point.

Many videographers online say the the Fancier tripods are the best low budget tripod around, I tend to agree. They are also heavy and bulky, which doesn't suit my style of shooting. The fluid head is however much nicer than the one that came with my Nest NT-7203AK. So i plan on buying one and utalising it on my Nest with the 75mm ball apater plate avalible.

Would I say this setup is for everyone, no. Would I say its right for me, yes. 

If you're the type to run and gun all over the Nest NT-7203AK is lightweight and lacks no stablilty that the heavier Fancier 270 series has. If you find yourself on a tighter budget and focus mostly in one place, I can't see you going wrong. Budget not an issue, buy a miller ds-25 with the solo sticks, they're lovely.




Ethics statement,  
I am not being payed by any manufacturors and all links have no affliation with myself, all information giving in this blog post is based on personal experiance.