New Release- We Are The Brave_ Sparrow


After much turmoil and changes "Sparrow" by We Are The Brave is finally out.

An awesome clip shot in a strip club of all places.

I was hired on this clip to act of all things, as a bikie none the less. What did I end up doing, like all low budget clips, lots of things. Data Wrangler, Acter, Gaffer, 1st AD, 2nd AC and Runner. Sometimes being the one with "On set experience" leads to a really tiring day. Still great shoot and it's never a bad thing being surrounded by beautiful woman who are less than dressed.

Produced by 'Made in Katana_' by Mr Ciaran Jordan_. For the [UNDISCLOSED BUDGET] we got this man got a RED EPIC a full set of Cooke lenses and just about all the lights and locations anyone could ever need. Really all stops on this one, like all others.

DOP was Kieren Fowler_, worked with him before and its always a pleasure. Intimidating, but a pleasure. Kieren's worked on some high end stuff and I always feel like I'm going to let him down because I'm data wrangling not acting as a DIT.

James Chappell_ was director. What can I say about James, he is an ecliptic mix of an editor and a director, this leads to interesting results. It means the clip was shot for edit, always a plus. But it also means shits crazy.

All in all a great clip. Without further ado, Sparrow _ We Are The Brave